How to find great pen pals at pals24

Having a penpal is one of the best experiences I have ever had! But sometimes it can be difficult. This is mostly due to communication problems(bad english because they are from another country), and/or running out of interesting things to talk about and do. Well, here are some suggestions to keep that penpalship rolling!!!

~ In the beginning of a penpalship, you know almost nothing about the other person, so it's fairly easy to find topics to write about. For example: Hobbies, favorite music, favorite games, places you have been, etc.. Most of these TIPS however, are for after a few months, even years of penpalling, when you feel like you've run out of things to say.
~ Try and write out conversations you have had. If something happened that was funny, say: you and your dad had a good laugh because of a joke, try and write it out. Now, because of cultural differences this may be misunderstood, but its still fun to read as long as it isn't misunderstood in a bad way (racism,etc..)
~ On that note, don't be scared all the time about saying things that are offensive. If they say something that may seem discriminatory, don't get offended and take it personally. It is may be bad communication or actually a bad stereotype they have developed concerning your country and people. If this is the case, it is then a GREAT opportunity to show them the truth by clarifying the issue and remaining un-offended a great person yourself. If they are your penpal then obviously they don't hate you or your country, so take nothing personally, and viseversa. If you have an opinion about their country ask!!! It usually turns out fine.
~ If you have something in common: such as you both like to draw, make it a topic of conversation. For example: different techniques, practicing habits, or favorite styles. Send pictures of what you have drawn as well.
~ Talk about books or movies you have both read. Once, I read a manga called Gentleman's Alliance, and after I finished I wrote my penpal a letter explaining everything I liked or didn't like about it. Kept us talking for quite a while.

One: Assume that because it is mundane and normal you shouln't write about it. Chances are that you don't have the most exciting life ever, and you probably have a 9 to 5 job. Write about it!!!! If you don't your penship will die fast, because frankly, you won't have anything to talk about, unless you go on vacation.
Two: Embarrassment or refusing to trust the other person. I may have experienced this (a penpal refusing to send pictures for a long time). But if your embarrassed by the way you look-well, I guess it doesn't matter-send a picture anyways. A penship will only last so long when you never send any pictures, and I'm the only one ever sending any. Also, it's ok to be unsure and cautious about the person in the beginning. But after a few determining factors you need to start writing about more about your family, and sending those pictures!!!

~Don't only send/email pictures of yourself.
In the beginning of a penpalship, after you have sent about ten pictures of yourself, and feel confident that you can trust the other person, begin sending pictures of your family.
~ If you go on a Vacation with your family, don't just send pictures of yourself.
~ Send pictures in action. Posing pictures get tiring quick. Funny pictures and ones of you and others doing an activity are much more interesting. Also, it provides an opportunity for something to talk about in your email/letter. Send a picture and then explain who everyone is and what is happening in it.
~ Send pictures of things you recently bought. For example: clothes, appliances, books, food. (appliances often look very different in other countries)
~ Pictures are almost entirely the basis of maintaining a penship.

~ If possible become facebook, or Skpe friends. This can however be detrimental to the penpalship. In my case, once I began using these means, I almost always only wrote when I was sending a package, hardly ever again by email.
~ Send links to Youtube Videos that you find funny, or Music Videos that you like.
~ Help them with their school work. Especially if they are from a foreign country and are learning English. You can check essays for grammar mistakes, and help with vocabulary.